Pregnancy and post-natal services

For many years, Rosebery Remedies’ experienced osteopaths have used their skills to help relieve the aches and pains caused by weight and posture changes during and after pregnancy.

During pregnancy some of the most common complaints seen by our experienced osteopaths are sciatica, pelvic pain, lower back pain, headaches and hip pain. Osteopathy provides non-invasive treatment to these common complaints.

Osteopathic treatment through pregnancy is a gentle way of helping the body adapt to the changes which are taking place. At Rosebery Remedies, the safety of the mother and baby is our first concern. Therefore, treatment is gentle and non-invasive.

Our experienced osteopaths help you to change your posture and learn to use your body correctly through pregnancy. This may include advice on exercise, sleeping posture and sitting posture.

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How else can Rosebery Remedies help?

At Rosebery Remedies we also provide reflexology and massage during pregnancy.

Reflexology in pregnancy aims to optimise physical and emotional health by working on specific reflexology points. It helps to support the body through all the trimesters and prepare for labour.

It may help with hormonal emotional changes as your pregnancy progresses, and other typical ailments, such as sickness, sleeping problems, digestive problems, anxiety, as well as aches and pains, including pelvic pain.

Pregnancy and post-natal services in Buckinghamshire

At our complementary health clinic in the village of Mentmore, near Aylesbury and Tring in Buckinghamshire, we have experienced therapists who can offer advice and treatment in warm, comfortable surroundings.

Osteopathy is often used alongside reflexology or acupuncture, so our whole team frequently compare notes and ideas, working together to provide the right treatment for you during your pregnancy.

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